Winter Wonderland

We haven’t made much progress since my last post.

B did a lot of work on the floor but it is slow going when it is mostly just him working on it. I made one last stop at our old apartment and turned in the keys to the property management company. We spent Friday night in Boulder to see our friends before they leave for the holidays. We had a long drive home on the snowy, icy roads and we needed to take our cat to the vet after that. We got about half a foot of snow in our area and spent some time clearing off the sidewalks and brushing melted snow out of the garage to keep it from ruining our possessions which are piled up on the floor in cardboard boxes!

Sigh. So now it is Sunday and I have to put together some homework problems for the week and get supplies for my horticulture class. I’ve been helping somewhat with installing insulation in the floor in our bedroom. But with both of us in there I was able to point out spots where the joists were still not reinforced enough because I could see them move when B walked on them. We wanted to get the sub-floor installed today, but I am not sure how far we will get with that. B’s mom and stepdad are arriving on Wednesday, so I also want to clean as much as I can to make our house look like less of a disaster (its really a disaster on the whole main floor). We have my work holiday party Tuesday…when will all of this happen?! I am going to need extra coffee this week for sure…

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