Recessed lighting

Progress feels slower recently, since last weekend we celebrated B’s birthday and this weekend he had a power lifting competition. He did get the housing installed for five recessed lights in the kitchen, which is a big deal but doesn’t look like much right now. He has his work cut out for him with the electrical – I think. Actually I don’t know all of what he needs to do in there because I haven’t really listened to him when he talked about it. All I know is that a bunch of stuff in the kitchen is supposed to be on its own circuit to be to code, and so we need some new circuits. Or something like that. And that is why we have no ceiling right now? Hopefully next weekend he can actually install some of the electrical wire and get that underway. He will then have to have the inspector come from the city and give the approval before we can put drywall back on the ceiling, blow in some installation, and move on to finishing the kitchen.

While he was on that, I worked on ripping out the floor in the living room. I got almost halfway through it, unveiling a strangely painted sub floor. I am hoping B can also help me make progress in there so I can start laying out more hardwood flooring. Otherwise, I guess I should be working on where to find cabinets we can afford, planning out the garden, and keeping things clean and organized around here. Feeling exhausted, kinda stressed, and impatient.

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