Off to a rough start this year…

WHY has this past month been so stressful? There has been a lot of new stress at work after coming back from the break. Also the renovation is starting to get a little bit more frustrating because there have been a lot of issues popping up. Like the fact that the radon in the basement is pretty high and it might be high even upstairs. So we are going to have to mitigate. We did find out that there is no asbestos in the kitchen at least, but this radon thing came out of left field (to me). I guess B was aware that radon was a big issue in this area, but somehow I missed that. I also broke our clothes washer twice (B fixed it twice), our fridge is leaking, and I found mouse poop on a blanket in our basement (WHAT HAS MY CAT BEEN DOING ALL DAY??).

This seemingly endless stream of issues is par for the course with a reno, I should know based on all of the home reno shows I have watched. Still, its upsetting in the moment when work is also stressful and neither B nor I have much extra energy to tackle additional and annoying tasks.

There are positives, like the fact that we completely finished the flooring in our future bedroom (SEE INSTAGRAM!) and are on course to start on the smaller bedroom this weekend. That is one big stage complete and it looks great. We still need baseboards and I have no clue what I want for window dressings in that room, but overall, the progress feels good. BUT the closer we get to finishing the bedrooms means the closer we are to needing to make a decision about our kitchen cabinets…

Over the holidays I went to get a quote from another store that sells cabinets and they were trashing the -highly affordable- thermofoil cabinets that we were quoted at Lowe’s. For some reason that was the first time I thought to read about this product and it made me second guess the choice. I think we may still go with Lowe’s but we may try to save up a few thousand more dollars in order to get a high quality material. But that means delaying the cabinets, which will take ~5 weeks to be delivered from the time we order. So at the earliest it could be March…but it might be more like April.

Anyway, I better get to bed since it is a school night! Just felt I had to update/vent since it had been a while!


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