First Christmas in the House!

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope all of the future Christmases that we celebrate in this house will be completely different from this one, but it wasn’t so bad for what it was. I hung a string of lights in the shape of a triangle to serve as our tree. We slept in a little bit and mostly laid around watching Christmas episodes of TV shows we like. And we ate even more popcorn than usual.

Today we managed to do a little more work on the house. We got the sub floor down on one end of our future bedroom. It took a shocking amount of time to get it flat, using leftover shingles from our roof replacement to shim up the joists. Since Brad had to reinforce and add new joists to the old crummy ones, there was quite a bit of variation. Thankfully I was able to observe and come up with some suggestions that I think made things go a little smoother for the second half of the process. Once we got the two pieces of plywood down I started getting REALLY excited because it is looking like a real ROOM again. I can’t wait to start putting the hardwood flooring down because that means it will be my turn to take over – decorating, hanging artwork, finding the perfect pieces of furniture.

I’m off for break until January 5, so I am going to try to make progress on some tasks without Brad here:

  • Once the sub floor is down in the bedroom, I can paint the ceiling in there (it is currently the same green as the walls).
  • I want to get a cabinet quote from Home Clearance Center, to compare to what we got from Lowe’s. We hope to purchase cabinets in January.
  • I also want to set up the asbestos inspection and get that done while I am home.


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