Bedroom Progress

Making lots of progress! The bedroom that will be ours is nearly move in ready. I won’t say DONE because I still want to change out the doors on the closet someday and find some curtains. I want to rebuild the bed we built back in Seattle in a different configuration and with new legs. But B thinks we need to just move into that room ASAP and fix the bed later. We also need a bigger dresser than the old one we currently have. Not a lot of money to shop for anything like that yet.

ANYWAY, B is currently working on installing baseboards we found at a lumber mill in Denver yesterday. J & R came over yesterday and the girls painted all of them the color of the rest of the trim, though it seems we should have waited until B cut them to size. Oh well, I’ll be touching them up I guess. Install is slow going, because everything in this house is crooked, so Brad is shaving down the bottom of the baseboard pieces in some places to make them sit flush against the floor. And getting the joint where they connect in corners also seems to be a bit of a chore…But they are going to look amazing!

We also have the start of the hardwood in the smaller bedroom and I laid out a bunch this morning. That project goes which and is easy to do after work on a weekday, so I assume we will finish that this week.

I can’t wait to move the rest of the wood out of the living room and start ripping out those floors as well. I haven’t even landed on a paint color in there, so I guess that should be at the top of my list. Maybe it is just because I am so overwhelmed with decisions and stress right now, but I am really feeling neutrals right now. I feel like it will make the whole place look very cohesive, which seems important in such a small house. You can nearly see all of the rooms from the other rooms!


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