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Getting the location data out of jpeg Exif data

Getting the location data from a jpeg that has been geotagged is pretty simple. You can use the wonderful tool ExifTool.
exiftool.exe -all -T -r -csv . > tags.csv
to get the list of all the available tags for all the pictures in your current directory. The tags are output as the headers in the table. The advantage to using the -T tag to turn it into a table is that if not all the pictures have the same tags you'll still basically get a "select distinct". For a geotagged jpeg from my phone I got a list of 225 tags.

I landed a command like this:
exiftool.exe -filename -GPSAltitude  -GPSImgDirection  -GPSLatitude  -GPSLongitude -GPSMapDatum -GPSPosition -GPSTimeStamp  -n -T -r -ext jpg -csv C:\Users\Bradley_handziuk\Downloads\exif\ > cords.txt
where the following tags were discovered from the -all technique.
-n -T -r -ext jpg
are defined as
-T          (-table)             Output in tabular format
-r (-recurse) Recursively process subdirectories
-n (--printConv) Disable print conversion ("This print formatting may be disabled with the -n option to extract coordinates as signed decimal degrees")
-ext EXT (-extension) Process files with specified extension
and I've chosen to limit the processing to files which are .JPGs.
C:\Users\Bradley_handziuk\Downloads\exif\ > cords.txt
searches my C:\Users\Bradley_handziuk\Downloads\exif\ directory for files and outputs everything I told exiftool to do to cords.txt.
There's a way to filter out only .jpg files too using some other flag (which I should l
(for reference this was a helpful forum post from years ago)

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