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That little white bar at the bottom of Access Forms

If I have a form that is either unbound or I made my own navigation buttons I'll probbaly want to hide the Navigation Buttons on the bottom. These are great and have their place but sometimes I just want them gone. Unfortunately whenever I just set Navigation Buttons = No I get something like this

Setting Navigation Buttons = No

The unexpected result
What gives? This handy page is always hidden deep in Google search results for me but it (really Missinglinq gets the credit) explains what is happening. Apparently Access reserves space at the bottom of the form for navigation buttons and (horizontal) scroll bars. If you need the scroll bars they'll pop up, if you don't well, I guess they are hidden behind the navigation buttons. If you hide the navigation buttons you reveal the hiding scroll bars.

The trick is to disable Horizontal Scroll bars, too. You can either set the Scroll Bars to Neither or Vertical only. Both disable the horizontal component.

Set Scroll bars to Neither

White space goes away! Yay!

For reference this is what my form looked like with everything shown