Bradley Handziuk's blog


My name is Bradley Handziuk. I'm a programmer/environmental engineer (EIT)/jack of many trades. I live in Seattle and work for a small company called AECOM.

I like to work with information and make things automated. Things I have done/like to do are like:

  • Moving data that was once in Excel into Access
  • Designing a nice data structure for a database. I have used Access and SQL Server a lot.
  • Automating Excel. I've made many pretty autogenerated reports, graphs, and even data entry forms in Excel.
  • Making all sorts of apps in Access.
  • Making graphics in R
  • Setting up websites in IIS (I've done IIS7/8)

I also like to make things out of wood and fix things up around the house.

I enjoy fitness and making it a routine part of my life. I bike to work and bike for fun. I also like running and weightlifting.