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New desktop build

I recently came into possession of an older, 2008, HP Z600. I built my current desktop in 2012 so th [More]

Joining strings to make a Select statement in Excel

I use Excel a lot to move data into SQL Server. But what I don't do is create a table in Excel, save [More]

Variable Column Width in SSRS Matrix Report

If you have a tablix/matrix/cross tab report in SSRS you'd think making variable column widths would [More]

Use SQL Developer to query Access

Writing queries in Access can be ugly because it doesn't save any of your formatting. Well it does b [More]

What is Shell.Application.Namespace input parameter thinking?

I'm trying to work with the `shell.application` object to unzip some files but am having trouble pas [More]

Using IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE 11 at the same time

I work with some software that only runs on IE8 and IE9. Very frustrating but c'est la vie. When I w [More]

GPS Tracking on the Olympus TG-3

I bought a new Olympus Stylus TG-3 camera last week with. It has lots of nice features (water proof, [More]

Setting up FTP access to Windows 2008 R2 through Amazon EC2

I had a really hard time getting this to work. In the end it was my lack of understanding of how pas [More]