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Use SQL Developer to query Access

Writing queries in Access can be ugly because it doesn't save any of your formatting. Well it does b [More]

DateType in the Access Import Spec

Public Function SpecDataType(asNumber) As String
Select Case asNumber
Case 1: SpecDa [More]

Stop publishing Access to Sharepoint

Can figure out how to make your Access DB stop trying to publish to Sharepoint? Did you publish to S [More]

How to have multiple instances of the same form open at once in Access

(I'm pretty sure I didn't come up with this but it's been in some of my stuff for a few years now. I [More]

Things to do when Access starts up

Even if you compiled your Access app it probably doesn't start up exactly how you want it to look. i [More]

Calling out invalid data

Validating data before it get submitted on a bound form is easy enough. Each control should have its [More]

Making a survey form in Access

Recently I had a two tasks in Access where I needed to do some data collection in a sort of 'survey' [More]

How effectively pass multiple values in an OpenArgs parameter

I always need to write up a little procedure to handle passing in values in the OpenArgs paramater o [More]